Former Tulsa Foster Parents Charged With Child Neglect


Robert McElvain and Felecia Polk. Robert McElvain and Felecia Polk.

TULSA, Oklahoma –

Prosecutors filed charges of child neglect Monday against two former foster parents after police found their house infested with roaches, bed bugs and lice for the second time.


Police took four foster children away from Robert McElvain and Felecia Polk in July, and took away Polk’s three biological children last week.


The couple remain in jail on $100,000 bond each.


They’re due back in court on November 4.


10/22/2013 Related Story: Former Tulsa Foster Parents Arrested After Kids Found In Filthy Home

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  1. I am sooo amazed that this is happening more and more, yet people who are working to do good in the world are constantly being torn apart by corrupt government; where is justice?

    • That seems to be the million dollar question. I agree, there are many wonderful foster/adoptive parents (angels) that are opening their homes and hearts to children that so desperately need to be loved and to know what it is to be safe. Those whom do this for all the right reasons and out of love, do it for so very little in return. This is exactly why I want to be a part of awareness, and why I am an advocate of more intensive follow-up after placement and accountability for those that abuse. Thank you so much for your comment, and for being involved. Many Blessings.

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